Monday, 3 April 2017

Maths Warmups

Thinking back over the term and reflecting on my maths teaching and how my learners have progressed. Based on the learner's data from the end of last year, I grouped them accordingly. I have three maths groups.

We started the term with me teaching my hapu group number games like: Bowl a Fact and Rocket.
Bowl a Fact The first person to cross out all their numbers yells out "Strike" (like you would in bowling)

The other maths warm up game is: Rocket The person that fills in all their squares calls out "Blast Off". And they will need to call out their answers to check their numbers are in order from smallest 10 to biggest 67.

These warm up games will help with knowledge and can be played on paper or whiteboards. Enjoy!


  1. You really kicked it in the pants here Priscilla. It's important to inspire the learners around Maths Knowledge as this precedes effective understanding and effective learning of maths strategy. Make it engaging!

  2. I agree with John. Games are essential to learning. I am curious about:
    -What have you noticed about our learners?
    -How do you draw on the expertise and resources of your team?
    -How often do you team teach in Maths?