Monday, 5 June 2017

Vaiaso o le Gagana Sāmoa - Samoan Language Week

For the past 5 weeks, our Samoan girls dance group have been practicing their Samoan siva (dance). Samoan Language is the third most common language spoken in New Zealand, after English and Te Reo Maori. To find out more and access resources you can click here.

The girls practiced every week, sometimes more than twice a week to learn the actions and the song - Lau Samoa by Marina Davis. There are 15 girls in the group and only five of them are of Samoan descent. Well done to all the girls and we're looking forward to the next Pacific Island and Maori Language weeks coming up. Click here to find out more. Photo cred: Cassandra Everts.

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  1. Hi Priscilla,
    Thanks for championing this for our school. It was a lovely performance and there were lots of proud whanau there to enjoy it too. I wonder what you have learnt from this process- about our learners? whanau? cultural responsivity? What can we do more of? What was challenging for you?