Friday, 30 August 2019

TESSOL: Undergraduate Diploma

This year I have been very fortunate to have been awarded one of the TESSOL (Teaching English as a Second Language) scholarships through the University of Auckland. My application was supported by my leader of learning Heath McNeil and Karyn Patterson (head of ESSOL). 

Currently, I have Tuesday night classes at the University of Auckland, Epsom Campus. I have successfully completed the course EDPROFST227: TESSOL Language Learning Need in Semester One. I have learned quite a few activities and tasks to practice with my learners. This course also helped me to reflect on my teaching practice and pedagogy not just with English Second Language learners but with all my learners. At the moment, I am in Semester Two currently working on EDPROF372: TESSOL: Language Learning through Tasks.

I will blog more about some of the tasks, activities and assignments that I have done later on.

Monday, 19 August 2019

Spiral of Inquiry Reflection: Digital Technologies in iDevelop

How did you make a difference to your iDevelop workshops?

Did it make an impact? How do you know?

What do you still need to work on?
This term our Spiral of Inquiry focused on using digital technology in the habitat. This was carried out with a Professional Learning Group that had other learning coaches focusing on the same iDevelop area. My focus was to use Google classroom effectively with my learners in iDevelop (literacy or maths). I thought best to use Google classroom with my literacy group and small micro-teaching groups.

I used Google classroom to share google documents and presentations with my learners. The difference it has made has been minimal so far. I am still learning to how to use it with my small reading groups as devices are limited. Using google classroom has made a slight impact because learners are enjoying using devices to complete activities online. From observations, learners have enjoyed using Google classroom and are able to help others.

I have learned with the help of Donna Golightly, how to assign documents to learners without them having to make copies of it and to use. She has also helped me to assign documents in classwork rather than  on stream. I am currently learning to how to best use and manage google classroom with twelve devices for my group. 

Thank Claudine and Raman for leading the Spiral of Inquiry for us.

Please find my personal spiral of inquiry document here.