Monday, 29 August 2016

Term 3 Inquiry Update

This term our team focus was around issues that went on behind the scenes of the Olympics, called "Olympics Uncovered". We had to teach issues that covered two to three weeks at a time. The following texts were found on Journal Surf. The focus of my mini topics were: Doping in Sport, the Zika Virus, Muscles and the Human Body and some sports. These are the books I found that specifically related to these topics.

Boost is a story about some children that had enhancements from a clinic and how they behaved in class. When children read this, they could tell that this was cheating and that it wasn't fair on others. For extended reading texts, I found articles online based on doping in sport.

Mighty Muscles is a short article that gives students a brief idea of why it is important to have healthy muscles. From observations, few children knew only one or two muscles in their body. For extended readings, I've had to search online to find articles and readings that related to the muscular system.

The texts around viruses and bacteria that I found were The good, the bad and the ugly and Double, double, toilet trouble. My top reading group are able to explain the difference between bacteria and a virus. I found articles on the Zika virus online and used these as extended texts. One teaching "a-ha!" moment is when one of my students said "oh, I didn't know that'.

The follow up activities were based on agree/ disagree, compare and contrast and short fact presentations. Some children made advertisements about Boost and whether people should be using it or not. Check out an example here. Here's are movies made by students about the Zika Virus here and here. Here's an activity for Mighty Muscles here