Monday, 29 June 2015

Term 2 Inquiry Reflection

Here is my reflection of my inquiry so far. I have included what has worked well, observations, what needs improving and where to next.

Monday, 1 June 2015

Progress with Integers Group

During the past week, I've been focusing on teaching division with remainders. The Integers have found this a challenge when the number being divided gets bigger. So, we started off small for example: There are 13 jellybeans to share between Karen and her sister. How many do they get each? How many are left over?
Without using materials children were able to solve this.
When I posed the question 53 divided by 10, Richard was able to use a different strategy and say that 50 divided by 10=5 and there were 3 left over. He knew that 5x10=50 (reversibility) and knowledge of basic facts.
Another question was 44 divided by 5. Machelle said the answer was 9 remainder 1. She said that 5x9=45-1 =44.
Richard disagreed. He said that 40 divided by 5=8 and there's 4 left over. Machelle had to repeat it back and she could see that was she had shared was incorrect. She showed understanding through discussion.