Sunday, 18 September 2016

Inquiry Update: Change in Pedagogy

I've been reflecting on how much my teaching has changed this year. When it came to reading, I was in the mindset of the children reading a text and then having a followup for it. This also meant the children had to get through at least two texts a week.

My focus around what the children are reading in class has changed. Yes, I still need to have a followup for each group but because of what we're doing in our team in reading, has changed so has the focus, slightly.

Team 4 teachers and I decided to have mini topics under the school inquiry. The topic for this term is the Olympics and we looked at it from a point of view as the: Olympics Exposed. This meant that we were teaching children what goes on behind the scenes of the Olympics. I hadn't really thought about that point of view before but not only did the children learn about these mini topics, but so did I.

I'll be honest and say that it wasn't easy at first. This meant that there weren't many books or journals for children to read under these mini topics. So, as a team we had to delve into online readings. The children have one main text that they have to read but we also have also included other readings that support the main text. It's still a work in progress for myself. But as a team we are working collaboratively. I check out what others have been doing on our site and might use some readings or followup activities and make them my own.